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Marking Measure TALMETER 3M VP

Marking Measure TALMETER 3M VP
  • Marking Measure TALMETER 3M VP
20.26 € (15.95 €+VAT)
A marking measure for craftsmen working on hot surfaces or with ventilation pipes, requesting the mm and diameter scale to be on the same front side of the blade. White, impact resistant steel tape measure, 16 mm blade width, graduated in millimetres, with an ABS plastic case. Combined marking and measurement edges mean that you can quickly and simply measure and mark both internal and external lengths. The tape and extender can be replaced and are available as spare parts.
Internal and external measurement using etching function.
Diameter measurement with scale on the front side of the blade above the millimetre scale.
The Talmeter has a calliper function which is useful when marking round shapes.
The scale is always locked in normal position.
The extender is easy to open out and retract using the grip-friendly sliding carriage.
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    Anyaga: fehér ütésálló acél mérőszalag, 16 mm széles penge, mm-ben kalibrált. Fekete ABS műanyag burkolat.
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